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Q: I understand Wisconsin has permanent notary commissions in lieu of 4 year commissions. How can I obtain a permanent Wisconsin Notary Public Commission?
A: You may apply for a permanent Wisconsin Notary Public only if you are an United States resident licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, all others are issued 4 year commissions.

Q: I paid my fee and sent my application to the State of Wisconsin can I begin notarizing documents?
A: You may not act as a Wisconsin Notary Public until you until you are notified by Secretary of State that your commission has been issued.

Q: I want to have my title after my name on my Notary Seal so individuals will know I am an educated person is this permissible?
A: No title such as “Atty., Esq., CPA, or CPCU” is permitted on a Wisconsin Notary Seal.

Q: I bill my clients at $500 per hour for my expertise, what is the most I can bill for notarial acts I do for my clients?
A: Acknowledgements, jurats and oaths & affirmations 50 cents. Affidavits are billed at 50 cents plus 12 cents per copy and Protests $1.00 plus 50 cents for copy. NO FEE FOR ANY OATH RELATED TO VOTING